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Jeff Britton

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Browning since 2006.  I have been impressed with his knowledge and experience in the investment industry.  Not only does Mr. Browning work with my demanding schedule, but also in a professional and courteous manner.

Mr. Browning treats us like family and I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.  He has taken the hassle out of retirement planning and investing for both my family and myself.

Jeff Britton

Judy Howsam, Port Perry

After retiring in June 2011, it became evident that it was time to change my investment strategy to match my new lifestyle. It was also important to me to find a financial advisor who not only understood my financial needs but who would remain actively involved with my investment portfolio and be readily available for consultation.

I feel fortunate to have found Douglas Browning who has proven to be extremely knowledgeable and professional. Thanks to him, I now feel secure with my retirement portfolio.

I would highly recommend Douglas for handling your financial planning needs.

Marty Kimmerer Testimonial

"Hello Doug:

I just wanted to drop you line to say thank you for almost 20 years of insurance, investment planning, and advice. Your gentle persistent encouragement that has generated measureable results for my wife and I has now caused me to freely refer you to my family and friends. I know that they will recognize the experience and knowledge that you have and quickly find the benefit that an early practice of saving even a few dollars a month can add up over the years.

Sincerest best wishes to you and continued success as you continue to educate people that ultimately become clients and become savers for their own future quality of life.


Marty Kimmerer"


Originial testimonial found here

Marty Kimmerer
President, Carriage Trade Cleaning Centres

Jacquie and Mike Fry, Oshawa

Early in January 2013, I started a journey into the next phase of our married life, for which I had not really extensively planned,.....Retirement!

My wife Jacquie and I had worked since we were in our 20's, got married, had children, who grew up and had their own children (our grandchildren), who are now growing up to create their lives very soon.

As with everyone else, our life had its generous share of ups and downs (thankfully more ups), but now in our 60's, we were finally comfortable, but still needed guidance into transitioning into our next phase of life, in order to make it a success for us.

I had a great career as an Electrician (approximately 40+ years) and now at 64 years old, an opportunity crossed my path to retire, but I was not very prepared or educated about what was needed to give us an adequate lifestyle after retiring.

In a nutshell, I knew how to work and be successful, but I did not know how to retire.

My window of opportunity to retire before my 65th birthday May 2014 and take advantage of my personally controlled retirement pension investment strategies would end the day before my 65th birthday.

I needed professional help and guidance from career Financial Investment Advisors to make this a successful reality for my wife of 41 years, myself and to plan for our future.

I sought out numerous Financial Advisors from banks and other institutions, who gave reasonable advice and guidance based on our situation.

But I found Great-West Life (Quadrus Investment Services Ltd.), Doug Browning and his group of Advisors to be a cut above the others I had consulted.

Doug put me totally at ease, right from our first meeting.

Doug, Zenon and all of the others in the GWL/Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. have a wealth of experience available through their diversified skills to address individuals personal retirement and investment needs.

They were always receptive to adjusting our investment portfolio to give us the best return for our current and future needs.

The planning, coaching, executing and adjusting of the original plan and constant follow up by Doug, Zenon and the group puts me and Jacquie at ease knowing that our Great West Life team is being careful, conservative and pro-active with our investments, which will (touch wood) serve us, our daughters  and our grand children for as long as needed.

In closing, Doug, Zenon and the GWL/Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. Advisors have guided Jacquie and I on our retirement investment journey by developing  excellent strategies  at a professional level, which should serve us well into our retirement.

We strongly recommend Doug and the GWL group to others seeking this transition into their retirement and for broad spectrum investment guidance and advice.



Michael F. Fry

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